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If you're looking for title cleaning in the area, look no further.

Eco Bathtub & Tile Restoration is the choice for all your tile and grout cleaning and sealing needs. Don’t just take our word for it, check out our tile cleaning reviews and see what past clients have said about us. Our goal is to make you our next satisfied client!


Daily beatings of soap scum and hard water minerals make showers one of the most abused surfaces in your home.

Factor in the humidity and moisture and you can easily end up with potential health risks from mold and mildew growth. We often clean showers with mildew (pinkish orange color) but once this advances to mold, (black) it can be hit or miss whether the shower can be returned to like new condition. The longer the black mold is left unattended, the deeper it embeds into the grout at some point making it impossible to remove. If mold is too deep in the grout, replacing the grout may be necessary which is at least 3 times the cost of cleaning. What we call a “basic” clean is more grout focused with some mildew growth. More advanced cleaning will involve removing soap scum and hard water stains and mold. To keep your showers from getting to these more advanced stages we recommend you clean your tile and grout showers every 1-2 years.



Benefits of using our shower tile cleaning service:

• Removes bacteria making your shower more sanitary
• Reduces growth of mold and mildew
• No need for those unsafe harsh cleaners
• You don’t have to spend hours cleaning your shower!


New grout should be sealed before being subjected to daily use.

Existing grout, after professional cleaning, should be sealed with a clear sealer. If you have natural stone such as travertine, marble, granite, or limestone the grout AND the stone need to be sealed.

The top three reasons for sealing stone and grout are:

1.Repel and help prevent stains in your stone or grout
2.Easier for homeowner to clean
3.Increase the chances the next professional cleaning will produce desired results

Sealed grout is still susceptible to staining if spills are left to sit on the grout. To prevent stains wipe up spills immediately.

Benefits of using our grout sealing service:

•Commercial grade low VOC grout sealers not available to the public
•Ensure proper application when done by professionals
•Sealer applied in a timely manner
•You don’t have to spend hours bent over on your knees!

If your grout is stained we offer a color sealing option to achieve a uniform look for your grout.


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If you are tired of looking at ugly - dirty - cracked - moldy - missing grout. Please consider our professional grout cleaning, grout repair and complete grout restoration services.

Our grout restoration process involves removing and replacing old grout and caulk, cleaning the tile and sealing the grout and tile.

Tiled showers can provide many years of satisfactory use when properly cleaned and maintained. However, the majority of showers encounter problems ranging from mild mold and grout cracking to the need for replacement due to rotting walls. Most of these problems are caused by improper maintenance - namely unsealed grout which lets water penetrate through and escape to the backside of the tile. When the shower is used regularly, the bath shower walls stay damp from this water which promotes mold/mildew growth and dry rot. The unhealthy mold and wall rot tend to go unnoticed because they are hidden behind the tile. Yet there are usually signs of it like uncleanable mold, wall bowing, grout dislodging/cracking, paint bubbling or even a distinct mold smell. Surface cleaning or recaulking does not address the root cause and the damage and growth behind the wall only continue. Many times that moldy look will not clean because it is deep inside the grout or on the backside of the caulk. In fact, using aggressive cleaners with acids or bleach only make the problem worse as they make the grout more porous and will wear grout lines down over time.

In most cases, Eco Bathtub & Tile Restoration can restore your shower- bath walls to get that clean look again and more importantly stop water penetration by properly sealing the grout. We first clean the grout, strip old caulking and regrout as needed. We can even change the color of your grout. We then address any uneven grout color issues, perform recaulking and thoroughly seal your grout. After restoration, we go through instructions to properly care for your shower and keep that clean look for years. Some showers may be beyond fixing due to rot and require replacement.


The majority of people with tile floors eventually run into the same problem - floors with dark dirty grout in the kitchen and walk areas, and light clean looking grout where traffic is not frequent. The reason this happens is fairly simple. The dirt that shoes leave on your tile is transferred to the grout through the liquid used to clean the tile - namely mopping. The more you mop, the worse your grout will look. Unfortunately, this not only makes your grout look dirty, but the liquid also penetrates the grout (grout is porous) and permanently stains it. Even the cleaners used with the water can stain grout. This is why that "back to new" look is usually not obtainable through cleaning alone, whether it is you that cleans it or a professional service. In fact, most grout cleaning services use high pressure steam, strong acid solutions or both. Not only does this produce less than desirable appearance results, it also damages your grout making it rougher, more porous and lower(actually removes grout from the original full grout line). This damage to your grout makes future floor maintenance even more hopeless than before cleaning.


Eco Bathtub & Tile Restoration  uses a process that goes much further than just cleaning because we believe in quality outcomes. After gently cleaning your floor and addressing any grout issues, Surface Medics uses a proprietary tint to restore your floor to the original grout color. Your restored grout has the same look and texture as when it was installed, not a painted look which you get with commercial colorants. We restore your floor to that "new look" and use a proprietary sealant to give you the best chance to keep it looking new. After restoration, we go through fairly simple cleaning instructions to properly care for your floor and keep that new look for years.


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