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Hard water affects 85%-90% of homes in America. If you’re looking for a solution for water spots on your shower glass you have come to the right place. With percentages this high, obviously most people in the area experience some level of frustration with this common problem. We can protect your brand new, unused (ideally) shower glass with our exclusive sealer which bonds to glass for long term protection. In the case of existing glass, we can remove the hard water stains and then seal the glass.

For best results, new shower door glass especially frameless shower door glass should be sealed before the first shower is taken. To the naked eye shower glass is smooth, but in reality it consists of microscopic peaks and valleys. It is in these valleys where the damage from minerals occurs. Our exclusive sealer, ECO Shield, needs these peak and valleys to form a strong bond to the surface. ECO Shield is a protective coating for glass, glass block, and glass glazed surfaces. It will not distort or change the appearance and is guaranteed not to chip, peel, or discolor. The result is ultra-smooth glass that is 75% easier to clean. Water will now sheet off the glass and any leftover will be on top of the sealer to be easily removed. With proper maintenance, the coating will last for a minimum of 3 years.

Benefits of using our shower door sealing service:

• Glass is 75% easier to clean
• Long term protection
• Harsh cleaners are no longer necessary

Glass is a relatively porous surface and is subjected to daily abuse from soap scum and more importantly minerals such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals left to dry on the surface can eventually lead to permanent etching of the glass.

The trend today is to have clear shower glass doors in the bathrooms. This option will make your shower appear larger but if the glass is not sealed it can turn into one of your biggest headaches. Removing water spots is not an easy task. In fact, you have to be a very patient person if you want to take on this difficult task. The correct cleaners and cleaning methods can cut down on the time to remove them. The longer you go without fixing the issue, the longer it will take to restore your shower glass. In some areas damage to the glass can happen very quickly. We recently sealed a shower enclosure that had been used ONLY two weeks and it took us 45 minutes to restore!

Benefits of using our water stain removal service:

• Our cleaning products work
• We professionally remove the water spots saving you the frustration
• Once cleaned we can seal the glass to make cleaning 75% easier to clean


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