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If you’re looking for granite cleaning, granite sealing, or granite polishing in the area, look no further. Eco Bathtub &Tile Restoration can protect and/or restore granite countertops in the area to like new condition. If your granite is rough or dull or needs maintenance sealing, give us the opportunity to show you how granite should look and feel!

Granite countertops, when new, are beautiful, shiny, and smooth to the touch. With everyday abuse and the use of improper cleaners, what once was a focal point of your kitchen or bath can become a visual frustration. We can remove hard water stains from around your sink or fixtures making your granite smooth, shiny, and beautiful again. Even new granite will often have silicone and other things “camouflaged” on the surface of your stone. Our initial cleaning process will remove hard water and anything else on the surface leaving the granite ready to be sealed.

Benefits of using our granite cleaning service:

• Professional removal of hard water without damaging granite
• Dirt and grime removed
• Elimination of bacteria

Granite needs to be sealed and is susceptible to staining from oils, grease, and things containing dyes, for instance, mustard, red wine, or cherries. Sealing granite will prevent staining as long as spills are wiped up in a timely manner. Our granite sealing process is second to none and is not done the conventional way. We seal all granite by hand with a special applicator bottle to achieve uniform and complete protection. Most sealers on the market will “coat” the inner walls of the pores to prevent staining. Because they do not bond to the stone, the sealer will wear off very quickly. The exclusive sealers we use bond to the granite eliminating the need to reseal every 6 months to a year. All granite is not equal in quality or porosity. In fact, many of the stones sold as “granite” are not actually granite. Depending on type or porosity we use a couple different sealers to achieve the best results for your exact stone.

 Benefits of using our granite sealing process:

•Professional application to ensure complete protection
•Long lasting sealers eliminating the need for frequent re-application
•Sealer will restore or add sheen and make granite smooth to the touch
Lifetime Warranty

Over the years hard water, contaminants, and use of improper cleaners will dull granite. This causes the light to be deflected instead of reflected. The good news is we can restore the reflection and sheen to your granite. Polishing protects and revitalizes the stone while increasing the reflectivity and natural color of the granite. In fact, many times a professional granite polishing will make the countertop shine more than the day it was installed!

 Benefits of using our granite polishing service:

• Restored to like new or sometimes even better than new condition
• Stone will be smooth to the touch
• Shiny granite will help make your home a reflection of you


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