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Non Toxic Bathtub Restoration

Slip-Resistant coating for porcelain, fiberglass, and previously reglazed bathtubs N0-spray restoration for fiberglass fixtures

Tired old-looking bathrooms have a negative impact on guest/tenant satisfaction and can lead to poor feedback on sites like Trip Advisor, Yelp, and other online review sites. Slip and fall issues relating to bathtubs and bathroom tile can result in law suits and higher insurance premiums. Failing to address these issues can not only damage your reputation, but also your future revenue.


We pride ourselves on being able to offer very competitive commercial/group rates while never compromising on excellent workmanship and durability that our clients have come to expect of us. Low prices, unmatched service and good workmanship is a combination that makes us tough to beat.

Eco Bathtub & Tile has the ability, expertise, experience, man power, methodology, and the equipment to meet your tub refinishing needs. We can handle up to 20 tub restorations  per day per site in a production style environment.

Bathtub Refinishing usually involves painting or re-glazing the surface of a bathtub. At Eco Bathtub & Tile we do not believe in painting or "re-glazing" bathtubs as many bathtub refinishing companies advertise. With years of bathtub refinishing experience and an absolute dedication to guest safety & service excellence, we have developed a paint free, eco-friendly bathtub refinishing method that is designed to fully restore the bathtub surface & critical non-slip area. At Eco Bathtub & Tile, we understand the importance of the critical non-slip surface that is not restored by painting a bathtub. We understand the importance of keeping the bathtub surface free of soap scum & dangerous dirt buildup. Painting a tub does nothing to address the most important aspect of bathtub refinishing: Restoring the critical non-slip surface of old bathtubs.

Our one of a kind bathtub refinishing method will restore any hotel bathtub to pristine "like-new" condition without painting the entire surface or using harmful acid washes. Our restoration will outlast any other because instead of applying a coating to the old surface of the bathtub, we actually restore the original surface to pristine "like-new" condition.

We Take Pride In Setting Industry Standards In Safety & Service Excellence


Refinishing/Restoration typically costs about 20% the cost of replacement.

Work done in one day, and the fixture is typically ready for use the same day.

Minimal disruption to other tenants or guests. There is no dust, minimal odor, and very little noise.



Hotel bathtub Non-Slip that performs daily and exceeds the U.S. Government ASTM Specification F462-79 Consumer Safety Specification for Slip-Resistant Bathing Facilities is absolutely critical to guest safety and slip & fall prevention. The average cost of a slip and fall injury is $28,000, including medical bills, physical therapy, and missed wages. A death from a slip and fall is estimated to cost an average of $940,000.

With Slip and Fall accidents resulting in approximately 25,000 hospitalizations daily (as reported by the National Safety Council), we understand the COST & DANGER of slip and fall accidents. At Tub Guys we are absolutely dedicated to guest safety and service excellence. Our goal is to restore old & high occupancy bathtubs to "like-new" condition using our unique bathtub refinishing / restoration method. We strive to assist our customers in achieving the highest levels of guest safety through non-slip solutions designed to exceed ASTM F462-79 Safety Specifications For Slip-Resistant Bathing Facilities. We accomplish these goals through the application of our environmentally safe, 2-Step bathtub non-slip treatment.


Our 2-Step bathtub non-slip treatment is not a coating

It was developed to react directly with the porcelain, enamel or ceramic surface. Because it is not a coating, or an applique, there is no change in the look of the bathtub surface other than a tub that appears "like-new"
The product used in our treatment does not contain hydroflouric, hydrochloric, or sulfuric acid and is environmentally safe
Because it does not contain hydroflouric, hydrochloric, or sulfuric acid, it does not compromize the integrity of the bathtub surface material
Your bathtubs are ready to be used immediately after the treatment. No down time or loss of occupancy.

This anti slip treatment is applied according to strict manufacturer specifications and is guaranteed by the manufacturer to last up to 3 years

2-Step Bathtub Non-Slip Treatment

Step 1 - Surface Polymerization Removal

Polymerization occurs from the buildup & accumulation of soap scum, body oils, dirt, and residue from cleaning chemicals that are not properly rinsed from the bathtub surface. These particles gather together over time (or "polymerize") forming an impenetrable waxy layer on the surface of the bathtub. This "waxy layer" is extremely dangerous and slippery (especially when wet). The first step of our 2-Step Non-Slip treatment involves a deep surface purge clean and restoration using our eco friendly surface restoration method. This first step is critical in that the result of our eco friendly surface restoration is a "like-new" bathtub surface that is free of polymerization buildup. This allows the anti-slip treatment to react directly on the intended porcelain/enamel surface of the bathtub. In order for any non-slip or anti slip treatment to be truly effective, the intended porcelain/enamel surface should be completely free of any type of barrier or buildup.

Step 2 - Anti Slip Application

Following the removal of surface polymerization buildup, we apply a manufacturer guaranteed, environmentally safe, Anti Slip treatment that has been specifically tested and guarantees that every bathtub meets and exceeds the U.S. Government's ASTM F462-79 Safety Specifications For Slip-Resistant Bathing Facilities. The entire bottom of the bathtub is anti-slip treated. This treatment delivers an invisible, permanent anti-slip surface (not a coating) that WILL last up to three years. The manufacturer warranties that the slip resistant property of this treated surface shall be retained for a period of UP TO 3 YEARS (based of a 70% average occupancy rate) provided that the customer maintains the surface in accordance with provided recommendations.

The result of our 2-Step Bathtub Non-Slip Treatment is an old bathtub that appears and functions "like-new" complete with an anti-slip treatment designed to exceed ASTM Specification F462-79 Consumer Safety Specification

Bathtub Non-Slip Mat Installation

We also offer a Vinyl Mat installation program for hotels that prefer or are required to have Vinyl Mats installed

Shower Floor Non-Slip Treatments

Our Non-Slip treatment has proven effective not only on bathtub surfaces but also shower floors. Call today and ask about our commercial shower Non-Slip treatment plan.


In hotels and apartment buildings the #1 areas we recommend treatment is:

Bathroom floors
Common area flooring that is untextured porcelain or ceramic tile, and any polished marble and granite floor tile

Eco Bathtub &Tile  is your #1 choice for your refinishing, restoration and safety needs. Our experience with commercial projects has enabled us to develop a unique methodology to project completion, utilizing highly specialized tradespeople for each major step in the refinishing process instead of one technician who completes the job start to finish. This focused task-oriented approach enables both higher quality and more consistent work, faster delivery time, and lower pricing. Other benefits of using Eco Bathtub &Tile for your commercial project include:

We offer multiple solutions and will recommend the one best suited to your property.

We expertly work around your property’s constraints and nuances.
We accommodate your time-table and occupancy patterns.
We offer ideas and solutions for renewing or updating bathrooms and kitchens.
We clean up everything. No mess is left behind.
We offer a competitive commercial price schedule
Experience – We are used to working with developers, large construction firms, and directly with hotels. We have never missed a deadline. We understand time is money and delays cost money
Fully insured with  total liability coverage; proof of worker’s comp; current written safety manual, HAZCOM manual, and MSDS sheets available for all products used

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