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Tile Faux Surfaces

Posted on May 5, 2014 by in Tile Repair Articles | 0 comments


Today’s tile selections are not just limited to ceramic and porcelain, but from a huge collection of tiles and styles ranging from metal, pebble, brick , glass, mosaic and tiles that mimic material like metal, wood, fabric, rubber, glass and paper.

Faux Wood Tiles

This tile surface exactly mimics wood to its very grain. It is made either from Porcelain or ceramic and manufactured to look like wood. Most companies are offering them in at least 5 shades that mimic different types of wood color, like oak, maple and beech.

Faux Fabric and Paper Tiles

We all know that, but wall paper cannot go on a back splash or a shower. Picture faux fabric and faux paper tiles in your Asian Inspired bathroom, with walls that mimic silk fabric down to its very texture and a pebble stone shower floor. Zen!

Faux Metal Tiles

When I think Industrial, I always think steel. Metal tiles are gaining popularity not just for backsplashes, but also has a tiled ceiling finish designed with or without faux wooden beams. They come in several different finishes, like brushed and polished and are versatile, durable and great looking. Faux metal tiles are a material that can be used around your fireplace mantle, when you are looking to convert the old fire place into something more contemporary.

Faux Marble Tile

Faux marble tiles are great for a bath built for royalty with inexpensive material. The faux marble tile is less expensive compared to real marble, but promises the exact royal feel and look of the granite. The tile comes in several colors and is a great way to make your bath or kitchen look like it was meant for a Sultan. Picture this: white “marble” tiles with a hint of grey in your bath or kitchen with neat and clean lined contemporary fixtures.

Faux Leather Tile

Leather is never passé. I think of leather as very versatile because it is absolutely not gender biased. If used mindful of color and texture, it can create a statement when used on a large or small scale. It can be installed as an accent with faux wood tiles or just by itself. White, brown or beige, they look and feel great in any space.

Whatever the surface is, always keep it simple and keep it classic. Trends come and go and as a designer I have always advised my clients to “Keep it Classic, Accent with Trendy” In economic times like this, if you are shopping for a tile, the above formula will enables you to achieve the look you want by spending less. Never be shy to ask for discounts or left over pieces if you are looking for a few pieces to accent.

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