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To understand the focus of our business is to ask yourself how you would run one. Would you put your customers first? Would you work your hardest to make sure that your customers were satisfied or guarantee her money back? Would you arrive on time? Would you be organized, available and pay attention to detail?

Of course you would. So do we.

We understand that using the latest products, techniques, and technology to achieve the greatest value for customers is a tenant in our business. We have designed our company to be able to enter into situations that have been previously unexamined and be able to achieve transformational results in 1 or 2 days. Our company is designed to provide a higher-quality alternative service to traditional tub and tile resurfacing.

However, no matter what business you are in you are in service first. We use best practices as the foundation for our daily operations. The only company that we compete against is the company that we were yesterday.

Our organization also works hard to support local charitable organizations, community events, and sporting activities. We are continually striving to find ways to benefit the community through not-for-profit action.

Charitable organizations and individuals are asked to send all requests for participation to our email listed on the contact us page above.

We promise to be 100% committed to your satisfaction.

We don’t dream of walking out the door until you are completely thrilled with a job well-done! No matter what, your satisfaction is our number one goal. Which is why we don’t expect you to pay a dollar until you are 100% satisfied that we have met your (and our) high expectations!

Your loyalty is priceless and we want to earn it!

We stand behind our Power Washing Services

Our mission is to make you happy.

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