We are the only full service repair and refinishing company in Washington/Baltimore Metropolitanarea ; that uses absolutely  no toxic coatings.  Every other company in the business offers some version of tub refinishing (also called reglazing) that is spraying your tub/counter with a coating.

We have a completely non-toxic system that allows us to make permanent bathtub refinishing possible. We use technology from a number of industries and remove decades of abuse in just hours.

All the other companies use acrylic urethanes (toxic oil paints). All the companies use acrylic urethanes and toxic oily paints. When they are sprayed you can’t be home and all of them require curing. Some tub refinishing companies want you to wait 3 days before you can use the tub or surface.

These chemicals are really bad for seniors,pets and kids to be expose to. Check out the Government link involving some of the chemicals refinishers use In the Bathtub Refinishing process With the Eco Bathtub & Tile Restoration System you do not need to leave the premises like with traditional bathtub reglazing. There are no fumes or odors involved with the polishing process.


Our Commitment to Your Satisfaction
We stand behind each and every Job 110%. We have one of the strongest warranty for our non toxic   Bathtub restoration which is a Lifetime No Peel Guarantee.

Eco Bathtub & Tile exclusively utilizes specially trained technicians on every job. All of our technicians are certified and complete a rigorous training program for all of our services.

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Window cleaning

For years there were only three possibilities when you had an old ugly bathtub. Costly replacement, spray paint refinishing or bathtub inserts. Not anymore... find out how.

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Power Washing

If you are not sure of what your project would consist of, please feel out our custom quote form, and we will get back with you with a quote.

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